Tip to Toe Bodyworks is a clinic with here to help mend through massage and reflexology. We also offer some aesthetic services.

Jason Bacon is the registered massage therapist and Tracy Bacon is certified in foot reflexology and pedicures.

Jason started his massage training in 1999 and was certified with a full 2200 hour course in 2002 from the Northern College of Physical Therapies. He has since then attended numerous workshops and training in a variety of modelities some of which include: spinal touch balancing, rib cage dysfunction and corrections, Onsen (structural and functional assessment and balancing of the upper and lower body extremities), Euro Ostropathic approach for treatment of visceral dysfunction of the abdomen and the thorax, Touch for Health Accupressure and foot reflexology. He has also completed taping for muscular dysfunctions and sports therapy. His most recent training is in manual lymph drainage and myofascial cupping.

The Northern College of Physical Therapies is a private independant tuition organisation catering for the private practitioner in massage and allied therapies. The school is not a school of medicine, and there is no intent to imply that these diploma’s denotes a medical qualification.

Tracy is a certified foot Reflexologist through The Universal College of Reflexology since 2001. She has been trained through The Alberta Academy of Aesthetics in pedicures and has training in manicures. Tracy has taken courses in spinal touch balancing, Touch for Health Acupressure and Euro Ostropathic approach for treatment visceral dysfunction of the abdomen.

We feel it is important for everyone to look after themselves. We are here to help make it feel better when it hurts.